Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentines Decor - Using what you already have (FREE project)

Valentines Day in Germany is very small. Most people don't even know when Valentines Day is! I wanted to decorate a little for the special day of love but chose to use what I already have rather than worrying about crafting etc too much for a holiday even my Husband isn't used to celebrating. Consequently, I spent nothing... so let's call this free decorating :-)

Tip 1: Keep a Winter Theme

I kept out some of my Christmas Decorations which were winter related because we still have cold snowy days here. Pick out anything you have that is white, soft, red or snowy in any way.
These snowmen were decorations from my Christmas Tree. They keep the theme of snow alive.

 I used my White Vases with some of my Christmas Berry sticks and Berry Blossoms which are also some of my Christmas decorations. They serve a dual purpose: White and Red for a winter valentines feel.... and the twigs and blossoms are also decorations from our wedding reception which helps us remember that happy day.

 Again. Use Christmas Decorations which match in colour or theme.... like my red and white snowman. (I love this guy!)

Tip 2: Display things which are personal to your relationship.

I picked out some things which were personal to our relationship in order so that you get those happy romantic feelings whenever you see them.

This is a collection of things from when we were dating. The Books in particular I love.

When we were dating we had 9 weeks where we couldn't visit each other so we sent gifts to each other weekly. This was a scrapbook of our engagement pictures I sent.

My Hubby gave me this book the week after we started dating for Easter. I feel happy whenever I see it.

An inside view of the Mini-Scrapbook. Having it out at the moment means we actually look at it and remember those happy times when we were dating.

 The rose petals here are from the tables in our Wedding Reception.

 All of the roses and the vases they were in are also from our Wedding Reception. Instant Romantic Thoughts!

 Family means love for us. We are now our own little family. This picture combines wedding memories in the roses, loving thoughts in the word family, and a snowy feeling with the colours and snowflake candle holder.

Tip 3: Colours

Valentines is all about red and pink. Look for anything you have in those colours and display them for an instant hit of 'Valentine-sy' happiness.

We have these red hearts hanging on our feature wall.  They are also christmas decorations.

 Red and White gives a wintery valentines feeling, as do all the soft furnishings.

 CUSHIONS!!!! We have only the couch in this room so we keep a bunch of cushions on the floor in a pile most of the time. By changing the colours of the cushions to red, white and pink it give an immediate feeling of Valentines. Plus it is comfy and cosy!

Tip 4: Get Creative

Use any crafting supplies you have lying around and create something simple and fitting to the Valentines Theme. For me I made these cushions as seen in my post Kiss me, Hug me, Tell me that you love me. I used scraps of fabric and the project took me hardly any time... but now I have cute cushions which have messages of Love of them to help complete the room.

So if you are running behind in getting read for V-Day or have been lacking ideas then run around and quickly use these tips to throw something together. Let me know how you get on! Happy Homemaking.


  1. This is such a great idea! I'm going to dig around my Christmas stuff for wintry items. I've already gone to the wonderful dollar store for a few Valentine items. Also, thanks for following me! I am now your follower:)

  2. I love your decor, the pillows are perfect and the snowmen are so cute; they are my favorite! :)

  3. I love your blogs new look! So cute! LOVE the tree! :) Also, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!


  4. i love the pillows and the red hearts hanging on the wall...great ideas!!

  5. Hi,
    I absolutely enjoy looking and reading your post, i love the cushions especially! they're just sooo cute and adorable, i also love the scrapbook album you have and the easter book is also cute! thanks for sharing and happy transformation thursday!

  6. cute! I love the blog look too.

    I wanted to decorate more than I did but my girls have been sick and the time just got away from me!

    Bernadette - new follower


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