Friday, 4 February 2011

Pyjama Party (for grown-up girls!) on a budget

Last week I threw a Pyjama Party for two of my good friends. I had so much fun planning it, and an even better time hosting the event. There was truth or dare, eating marshmallows blinded, pass the parcel and Singstar Karaoke! For treats we had a luxury Ice Cream Bar, with toppings and sauce galore. It was a fantastic event!

Prizes of pre-made Ice Cream Sundae kits were awarded throughout the night.

We all snuggled on the floor with blankets and cushions. A simple solution to hosting a party in a small room without enough room for many chairs.

 Party Favours included Gel Eye Masks and Yo-Yo hair clips. We wore them with pride!

If you are decorting on a budget then I can not reccomend WRAPPING-PAPER enough! All the paper I used in the party was simple white printing paper and 4 rolls of coordinating wrapping paper. (Which cost a total of 2 bucks!) You can wrap bottles with it, make signs, use it as a table runner... whatever you want. It makes a big statement and is cheap as chips!

 I coordinated all the bottles (again with wrapping paper!) for a more streamlined finish and stuck on printed lables for each drink. Did I mention we pigged out on ice cream and toppings all night?

A great time and I would do it again for sure. I hope you get some ideas! Let me know what you think. Happy Homemaking!

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  1. Great Post and we did have a great time. Thanks again :)


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