Thursday, 10 February 2011

Scrap Fabric Valentines Project: Tutorial

This morning I was feeling so inspired and motivated thanks to all of your lovely comments that I pulled out some scrap fabric and an old picture frame to get the creative juices going. This is what I came up with:

Just a very simple, very quick project. I liked the way it turned out so thought I would turn it into my first ever tutorial!   
Materials needed:
A frame.
Scrap Fabric
3 buttons
a piece of paper or card
a sharpie
a glue gun (or crafting glue)
Needle & Thread

To Make:

First off I took this frame from Ikea (these cost like 2.50 at Ikea for 2 frames. I always keep some in the house for quick gifts or projects) and found some background scrap fabric to fit.

next I found a piece of paper or card to stick the fabric on so that it would be sturdier.

 See? Stick the fabric to the paper. Easy Peasy.

 Next I took 3 circles of scrap fabric to make the yoyo's

 If you have never made yoyo's it is super easy. Make a running stitch around the edge of the circle. Pull the thread to gather into the circle (thus making the yoyo shape). Secure with a few stitches.

 See? Finished yoyo's

I then took a tiny scrap of fabric, frayed the edges and used my Sharpie to write something on it. Write anything you want. I chose 'xxx'.

 Glue Gun all elements onto the background fabric in whatever arrangement you like. This is where I used the buttons, just to finish off the yoyo's.

 Trim edges of project to neaten and frame!

 Your finished project will look something like this and if you are like me it will take about 15 mins work for a cute little framed fabric picture.



  1. Those are so cute, I love those little yo yo's I have never tried making them; They look easy!


  2. I finally started to play with yo-yos this's been addicting. I can't seem to do simple lately, and so it's turned into quite the project. :) Your sweet sign in adorable.

  3. haha! I know.... yoyo's are terribly addicting. :)


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