Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday's Wonder: Wood You Like To Craft - Entrance Sign

So this month I joined the awesome new blog Wood You Like To Craft! It is run by 4 fantastic bloggers with the aim of giving a monthly woodwork project for people to follow along and make... and then to share in a link-up party!
wood you like to craft?

This month the project was hosted by Under My Umberella, a blog I have loved for some time! I was totally excited to join in... I have never worked with wood before and thought this would be a great way to push myself to give it a go and learn how. The first project was to come up with your own variation of this beautiful sign.


So with a drumroll........
Here is my First Ever attempt at cutting out wood and using mod podge!!!

Haha, I had a blast... and a few frustrations and headaches! My Cutting out was totally dodgy, and I had to re-do my mod podged napkin so many times. In the end I think it came out ok though. I also made my own sign holder since I had no where to hang my sign. Now I can stand it up next to my front door. I used a 'D' (for my last name) on mine as I live in a block of flats and have no house number. So anyways.... if you wanted to copy my rough around the edges project, here is the tutorial...

1. I printed out the sign template from Under My Umberella.

2. I wanted to make mine more rectangular so I just traced around the template at each end of the wood, and in the middle. I hope this picture shows what I mean.

3. I did a ver dodgy attempt at cutting out but I guess it turned out ok. After a good sand down it was alright... haha you should have seen it before I sanded it! Totally Wonky!

4. I cut out a smaller version of the shape from this beautiful pink napkin with white butterflies and flowers.

5. I painted the sign white!

6. I mod-podged the napkin on. You can't get mod podge glue in Germany so I used what I thought would work the best. I guess it worked ok. TIP: For other first timers like me.... After much trial and error I found that the best method of gluing was to place the napkin on the wood with a dry surface (no glue underneath) and to work from the middle out with my finger covered in glue, smoothing out the bumps gently as I went along. Also, I learnt you should only use the top layer of the napkin.

7. I added a ribbon, and a letter D which I cut out of vinyl by hand
(like in my tutorial here).

8. Finally I made my sign holder. I used a piece of wood which had been cut out for fences I think. It cost 75 cents. I stuck a block behind and in front with hot glue to help it stand, and added a white wooden peg to hang on.

TA DA! haha. :-)

I like it. Not bad for my first project. Have a great day!

wood you like to craft?

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  1. I love this! I think it turned out very nice! :) I would love to get into wood work more, ill have to check those blogs out

  2. You did fabulous! I recently posted about my first try with a jigsaw too and now I'm itching to get out there and try something else with it! I'll have to go check out this wood blog, sounds like fun!

  3. It turned out fantastic! I'd never have known it was your first time with a jigsaw. My projects always take ridiculous amounts of sanding, because my freehand woodworker skills are only so-so plus our jigsaw is old and vibrates like mad.

    I'm hosting a Throwback Thursdays Party, and would love it if you swung by and linked up something you made/bought/did from before blogging. I can't wait to see what you bring.

  4. I love it!!! Such a cute stand you made for it also. Can't wait to see how you change up next month's project. Yay!

  5. Yeah!!! I'm so glad you played along! Your sign turned out SUPER cute! Totally love it and your cut looks great. I'm a newbie with the wood tools also and the sander is my best friend. I love your stand too and I love that you used a napkin for your pattern. What a great idea!

    Your blog is super cute. I'm following along.

  6. First time cutting wood and using mod podge!? You are a pro, I love it!:) The stand is really cute too! Thanks for playing along!

  7. Never would have guessed you're a first timer! You did fantastic, and seriously LOVE the sign holder! So creative.

    Thanks for sharing, hope you had fun-

  8. You did a really great job!!

  9. Love working with any craft. You did great for your first time with a jigsaw. I am a new follower and will enjoy coming back and checking out your new ideas.

  10. When I run out of Mod Podge, I use watered down white glue. It works like a charm!

  11. This is so precious!! Great job! :)


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