Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spiritual Thought Sunday

I hope you have all been having a wonderful weekend and are happy, healthy and well. This quote hit home to me as I am always full of dreams and aspirations and get frustrated with myself all to often because I fail to meet my own expectations, which are often set too high to begin with. What I forget is that this life isn't a race.... and that I will never become perfect overnight. The whole point is to just keep dreaming and working towards those dreams, never mind how long it takes.

I just need to keep my focus on my beautiful dreams, and work the best I can to make my life for me and my family the best it can be. Those are my rambling thoughts for the day.... ;-)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

(Note: Please feel free save the free printable for personal use. If you use it on your blog, please give proper credit. Thanks for being so great!)

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  1. I can so identify with this ♥ thanks for sharing the quote!

  2. You said it sister! Thanks for sharing. I am sure alot of us can share those thoughts.
    Your blog is adorable!


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