Monday, 14 March 2011

Homemaking Monday: Getting Started

So I decided to change the nature of Homemaking Monday a bit to broaden the ideas and articles you can find here. Homemaking Monday now is going to be a space for discussing homemaking related topics. I want Humble Homemaking to be a community.... Somewhere Humble Homemakers the world over can relax together. So please jump on in and comment your ideas and input on our weekly subject.

So todays topic is: Getting Started.

 I think if we are all honest, often the thing that makes it hardest to maintain a beautiful home, is a lack of motivation. I, for example, am lacking the motivation to clean up from the weekend. Mondays my flat always looks like a Hurricane hit it! Getting started with the new week is a struggle for me and I never feel like putting things back in order (hence I am blogging... lol).
Here are a few ideas which sometimes manage to get me going:

1. Set a timer. This works great for me. If I set a timer I work faster and more effeciently. I also know that the dreaded chore of cleaning can be over when the buzzer goes, and that I can stop and do something fun.

2. I call my Mum! Lol. No really... this works for me. When I really can't get myself going, I call my Mum and she talks to me whilst I clean. I pop her on speakerphone, place here nearby and work hard. Maybe it is that talking to her distracts me from the boring task at hand... or maybe it is knowing she will hold me accountable if I don't get off my butt. Whatever the reason, this works for me. Haha I love this picture, sometimes I want to scream when I call my Mum about housework!

3. Imagine someone will ring on the doorbell in the next 30 minutes. Sometimes just the thought of someone walking in on my chaos is enough to make me sort it out.

So those are a couple of things I do.... but I would love to hear your ideas.

Please give me your input!

So have a great Homemaking Monday and set your timer, call your Mum, or do whatever it is you do to make your home the place you want it to be.


  1. Those are great ideas. I am a big list maker. I love to cross things off as I accomplish them. So, when I want to do some heavy cleaning, I write down all that I want to do and enjoy making the list smaller and smaller as I go along.

  2. Talking on the phone while you clean is a great idea! I am a timer kind of girl myself. I definitely have that "can't get movitated" on Monday feeling.

  3. I'm with Kristen...I make a list, then once I get stuff done, I get to watch the list get smaller and smaller! I even use different colored pens, and doodle on the paper a little to make it more fun to look at! :)

  4. Big list maker here, too.

    I like thinking of cleaning as exercise, too. That helps me really stretch up for dusting, squat down for picking things up, and really put some muscle into waxing & polishing. I just imagine my arse getting smaller, and my tricep waddle disappearing.

  5. I clean three houses every week. Mine, my mother in laws and my neighbors. Each house is done in about 2 hours. It is all about having a pattern down and all the supply readily at hand. And the timer is extremely helpful, I just have to get a new one after my daughter broke the one I had. Music with a good beat, sometimes a little aggressive (I like Pink) can help as it gets your temper going.
    These are a few of my tricks to get my house shining.

  6. Lol .... as Humble Homemaker's Mum I couldn't help smiling ... she really is a wonderful daughter. I am so proud of her and the example she is to all those who know her .. if only she knew ... the thing that makes me smile out loud is that SHE inspires ME! : ) Love you Humble Homemaker xoxox

  7. I love this, she says you're her inspiration, and you say she's yours! I know. I feel the same way about my girls! She sounds like a wonderful daughter and person!
    (Mom,Tell her to remove the word verification, and she'll get more comments and followers.)
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams

  8. The only thing that motivates me to clean is inviting people over. Just don't make a bigger mess then you started with.


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