Friday, 4 February 2011

Date Night!

So the Valentines season is upon us once again and we are all looking for ways to mix things up and make our loved ones feel special. I think we all want more romance in our lives, so here are 5 date ideas which cost next to nothing, but involve stepping out of the box and showing some LOVE!

1: Flea Market Dates: Find out where your local Flea Market is and give each other a few coins for spending money. Use the money to try and buy your date a fun gift. Take your time and stroll around hand in hand. Try to reconnect and talk about your lives and the things you have been blessed with. It is a small and simple date but can be a lot of fun.

2. The Ikea Date: My Husband and I are lucky enough to live close enough to an Ikea to do this... but if you didn't you could use another big store. Take your date around the store with the goal of spending NO MONEY. Hold hands! Enjoy the moment together. Take the opportunity to really get to know more about your dates likes and dislikes, and share the experience of building dreams together and planning what you would like out of your lives in 5...10...15 years. It is amazing how much you can learn about your Spouse from simply looking at a Couch for example... is thier preference for something clean cut and modern, or perhaps cosy and kid-friendly. Lie on beds together and dream about what you want out of your room... a place of tranquility and romance or perhaps something more functional. The more you learn about each other and your desires the closer you grow together in making your dreams come true. Don't forget to buy a dollar hot dog or ice cream together afterwards!

3. Get Lost: Pack a simple picnic in your car and your Sat Nav... then head out together! Take turns choosing directions at junctions until you are lost. When you come across somewhere nice, get out your picnic and relax together, enjoying the time alone. When you are done, simply turn the Sat-Nav back on and drive back home. Make it an adventure and have fun with it.

4. The Blindfolded Date: This is so simple but it still requires a little thought and stepping outside the box. We have probably all done something like this at some point... but suprises never get old! Plan to go somewhere for your date but keep it a secret. It does not have to be expensive! It might be as simple as a walk in the woods or a picnic... or it might be mini-golfing or a movie! Blindfold your date, pack them in the car and take them to their secret destination. It is so simple and seems like an obvious idea... but it can be so fun and romantic to just show your date that you care enough to take the time and suprise them.

5. Ready-Steady-Cook: Go shopping together with the goal to make a specific type of meal: i.e. a dinner, or dessert etc. Take the same amount of money (it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be) and split up to choose ingredients with your money. Go home again and reveal the secret ingredients! Try to create a meal together using only those ingredients and your simple pantry items such as flour, sugar, milk etc. Get messy together and don't be afraid to engage in food fights. Put on some good music, tie up your aprons and make a memory together.

So here are just 5 simple ideas for romance this Valentines... or any other time you want! Happy Romancing!

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